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Traditional Haircare Methods that Really Work!

For getting shinier and stronger hair, we all have tried various products and equipment but the results have rarely been up to the mark. In worst cases, instead of getting stronger or shinier, our tresses go through the struggle of hair loss, damage, and dullness.

Nowadays, we tend to forget the capability that traditional hair care methods hold. Ironically, these traditional ways work wonders to your hair, without wasting your time and money, and even without causing any side effects. One should also go for those natural hair-products that are chemical free and highly effective. Have a look at some of the traditional yet effective remedies that your hair need the most.

Bring those Shiny Hair Back with Butter
For getting rid of the dullness and brittleness of your hair, massage your dry tresses with a small quantity of butter and cover your head with a shower cap. After about half an hour, rinse your hair with shampoo and notice the lustrous difference.

Olive Oil: An Effective Hair-Conditioner
To get the best results with olive oil, warm it and apply it on your hair locks. After the application, cover your hair with a plastic bag and then use a towel to wrap your head up. Wait for 45 minutes and wash your hair with shampoo. You will find your tresses well-conditioned and shining.

Eggs for Enriching Protein in Your Hair
Apply an egg with a small quantity of shampoo to your damaged locks and stay put for five minutes. Rinse your hair after five minutes. This will enhance your hair protein, making your tresses healthier and denser.

Leftover Water of Fermented Rice
A commonly carried out practice in the Asian culture is using the water of fermented rice as a shampoo. By doing this, you will make your hair softer and stronger.
By regularly following these traditional methods on your hair, you will be able to maintain the strength and beauty of your tresses forever.

However, an alternative to these home remedies can also be found. Containing natural goodness, there are herbal hair-care products that are created with an ayurvedic formula that brings natural shine and strength to your hair.   

It is important to know the role of age-old methods of caring for hair and this is what the discussion here is all about. By listing some of the many traditional practices of hair care, the purpose is to make the reader realize the better way of maintaining the hair. 

How Extreme Styling Affects the Strength of Your Hair

Everybody hates a monotonous hairdo and craves for something new at some point of time. We curl our hair, straighten it, make it go between the blades, and what not. All this while, we might forget that we are styling our hair at the cost of its strength.
Regularly changing the hairdos can cause a serious damage to our hair, leading to a receding hairline, rough texture, or even traction alopecia (a type of hair loss). The following discussion serves the purpose of imparting awareness about the effects of extreme styling on your tresses and what can be done to rescue them.

Cornrows -  Not Good for Your Hair and Scalp

This African-origin hairstyle has been all-time popular. It is easy on maintenance, as it can stay intact for weeks. However, as stylish as they look, the cornrows lead to traction alopecia wherein your scalp goes through a gradual hair loss. This hair loss occurs owing to the excessive pulling force applied to your hair.  

Dreadlocks – Extremely Dreadful for Your Hair
This type of hairstyle not only makes your hair dull and rough but also leads to side-effects like scalp infections, hair-loss, and even migraines. With the complexity involved in this hairdo, one feels bogged down when it comes to its maintenance. This hairstyle leaves your tresses twisted, matted, and exposed to dandruff. 

Hair Weaves – Wave Them Away
Hair-weaving is done by attaching extensions to your scalp with the help of a glue. Attaching these extensions involves clipping or gluing them on each strand, which is done with a constant pulling or hurting. This type of hairstyling can also lead to traction alopecia and can make bald spots on your scalp.

These are just a few out of many hairstyles that can lead to a tremendous deterioration in the strength of your hair locks. Nevertheless, preventing yourself from styling your hair is no solution, as it is almost a necessity, whether you are a male or a female. So, for maintaining the strength along with a trendy hairstyle, apply chemical-free herbal hair products and carry any hairdo with confidence.

Styling your hair may come with a heavy price as it can harm your hair. To keep up the strength and volume of your hair, rely on those hair-care brands that use herbal techniques and are formulated with nature’s gifts.

4 Most Common Mistakes that Ruin Your Hair

For a woman, her hair is as much pivotal as her whole body. Her hair locks are the markers of her identity and reflect her truest-self. Since time immemorial tresses of women are symbolic of her feminine character – differentiating her from the men. Although, hair play such a major role in our lives, still at times we tend take them for granted. Here is a list of some common mistakes that we perform on our hair, without realizing what they can do to our mane.

    You are Heating Your Hair Way Too Much
In order to straighten, curl, or blow-dry your hair more effectively and quickly, you tend to think that the maximum heat setting is a necessity. This is exactly how you should not think. Go for the medium heating setting, as it would never cause any damage. Also, using such equipment while your hair is wet will lead to an alarming hair loss.

      Washing Your Hair Almost Daily
You might get annoyed by seeing that oily texture constantly coming back to your tresses. This oily texture is the sebum that is secreted by the sebaceous glands and acts as a natural sheath. Over-washing your hair takes this natural moisture of your scalp away and hinders the natural process.

You are Tying Your Hair Too Tightly
Your hair follicles are subjected to damage if you tie your hair tightly. This leads to the uprooting of your hair strands, leading to a never-ending breakage. Therefore, never go for a too much complicated hairstyle at the cost of your beautiful locks. To protect your hair-roots from damaging, you should try natural hair-products that make your hair-locks shinier and healthier.

     You Apply Various Hair Products
Getting excited by the apparent result after applying a hair product can make you ignore the necessary instructions. Also, changing the brands of your shampoos or conditioners frequently would never give you the desired effect. There are a lot of hair products that involve harmful chemicals. Prefer using a range of herbal products for obtaining best results.

The purpose of above discussion is to make you aware about the usual hair-grooming practices you follow without realizing their harmful consequences. The discourse also puts forth the ways in which you can avoid these along with the ways to repair these damages. 

Hair Colors can reduce the Density of Your Hair

Hair colors are the most commonly used hair styling products that help us making a style statement. No wonder, the hairstyle speaks for itself when highlighted with these vibrant shades. But everything comes with a price and so does a hair dye. Some hair colors can lead to a tremendous hair breakage and damage, leading to a reduction in density thereof.

Following are the reasons why hair-dyes can lead to a drop in your hair-volume, explaining alongside as to what hair-care products need to be chosen as a remedy.

Exploitation of Hair Shafts While Dyeing
While dyeing your hair permanently, your scalp and tresses go through a continuous stroking. At first, the dyeing materials are rubbed then the extra dye is removed by rinsing your hair with water. Later, a conditioner is applied and rinsed thereafter. This process removes telogen from hair, lessening the hair volume.

Chemical Penetration Causes Hair Damage
Chemicals are used to get the colors on your tresses. The tresses that you see above the skin are dead already and therefore they cannot be damaged when colored. The damaging results come when the chemicals penetrate beneath the scalp and disrupts the hair bulb – a part that plays an important role in hair growth and loss.  

Hydrogen Peroxide Weakens the Hair Shaft
Hydrogen Peroxide functions to make the cuticular scale swell for letting the dye reach the hair shaft, as the swelling creates an opening. In order for the production of artificial color to take place, hair shaft experiences a process of oxidation or reduction. For closing these ports, conditioner is used to reverse this swelling. However, the hair shaft stays permeable and leads to further protein loss.

It is not Hair Loss but Hair Breakage
The hair dyes do not reduce the density by way of hair loss. Rather they damage your hair and cause breakage that further results in a declining hair volume. Hair breakage causes thinning and alteration of your hair.
Therefore, hair breakage being the ultimate result of hair dyeing and cause of deteriorating volume, one needs to fight it. There are some herbal conditioners that do not contain any chemicals and let you have naturally shinier and healthier hair.

The discussion lays down the reasons why one undergoes hair volume reduction by putting light on what your hair goes through as you dye it. It has also been discussed as to what can be done to address this dilemma.

Receding Hairline in Men: What to Do

From having bushels of ear hair, beer bellies to getting baldness, our body gets aged with time. Some men believe that they will still have full hair, even if they are past their primes. However, in reality the story is quite different. When men reach 35 years of age, around 2/3rd of them may have some hair loss and by the age of 50, nearly 85% of them may show hair thinning. Many of them try to hide their receding hairline using a comb over or with some other off-putting hairstyles. Instead of resorting to those useless methods, try to follow these tips to cope up with receding hairline.

Start Using Hair Oil
A common non-prescription medication used to treat hair loss and receding hairlines is hair oilThis topical solution not only prevents hair from thinning but also helps in stimulating hair growth.

A Healthy Diet
Even before the actual illness is diagnosed, the body often reveals health issues early in fingernails and hair follicles. So, it becomes important to ensure that our body is getting the right amount of nutrients that it deserves. And in order to fight a receding hairline, one must consume foods that are not only high in substances such as proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins, but also prove out to be quite essential for regeneration and for overall well-being.

Don’t Do Too Much Hairstyling
The style that you wear on your hair can also cause a problem. Whenever possible, avoid pulling hair into styles that require it to be pulled tight and bound with elastic for long periods of time. While hair accessories have become much more hair friendly during recent years, hairstyle such as tight ponytail, pig tails and cornrows can still do damage to the hair shaft and ultimately to the hair follicle.

Avoid Alcohol
As alcohol can dry out your scalp and can cause scalp and hair related issues, therefore it becomes important to avoid applying hair treatments or anything that contains alcohol. Avoiding alcohol does not always mean to stop drinking alcoholic drinks rather it means making use of alcohol-free products that will not only help your scalp stay moisturized but will also add volume to your hair – giving it a healthy boost.

Made using special herbal formulation, this shampoo will not only stimulate hair growth at balding patches by rejuvenating dormant hair follicles but will also ensure that you get healthier hair strands that don't break away easily.


Generally becoming an issue for males in their early 20s, the receding hairline begins to thin commonly on either sides of your forehead before you get a bald patch on top of your head. Therefore, managing these issues by following the remedies quoted in the above blog can keep you one-step ahead of the game in preventing hair loss. 

8 Struggles Every Girl with Long Hair Faces

You have really long hair. Kudos to you! You are one such girl in the world, whom every other girl envies. But, unfortunately this is just one facet of the story. People with long manes know well that managing them is not as easy as it appears to be. From developing tangles to the fear of getting the smallest trim, people with long hair usually have a tough time looking after their tresses.
Here, we have summed up the top 8 problems that women with long and luscious locks go through.
       1.       Always being mocked at and being asked “is that your real hair?” Of course it is.
     2.      Seeing your hair everywhere – from pillows, floors to sometimes in your food. That’s terrible!
     3.      People always ask you about tips “How did you grow your hair this long? What’s the secret?” And you say, you don’t get haircuts – that’s how!
      4.      When brushing your hair becomes a workout session. You have to part your hair to 10 sections, and brush each section.
      5.      You go to the salon, and the hair dresser cuts off a ‘whole’ inch from your Rapunzel like tresses, and you feel so low! This is despite knowing that only an inch has been cut.
  6.  Letting your hair loose on a windy day. Don’t forget to tie your hair or braid the locks before going out on a windy day. Same goes for riding a motorcycle or even a car. Stay safe, so that the wind may not whip your hair.



   7.  When styling your hair becomes a time consuming process! You might not even reach the office on time.
     8.     Your hair getting stuck everywhere, in your lip gloss, zipper, and even drain. Even in your mouth, yay!

Every woman with long locks has a love-hate relationship with her hair. Sometimes, it becomes a mess and pain to maintain the hair.
There is a cure for all your long hair woes, and that is ‘conditioning’. A proper routine of conditioning can take of all bad hair days. Sufficient hydration in the hair means the hair strands are smoother, stronger and above all, least likely to tangle. Try herbal conditioners. Also, use a neem wood combs to comb your of hair.


Long hair is something that every girl longs for. But most of the time people with long hair struggle a lot with their long locks. The blog has listed out some common woes of women with long hair.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Winter Hair Care Advice: Here is how you can Protect Your Hair from Harsh Weather Conditions

Summer and natural hair have a happy relationship but the relationship between winter and natural hair is complicated. Summer is the time when your strands get a chance to shine but when winter arrives and wind starts blowing, you have to deal with dull and dry hair. Also, outside cold weather when combines with dry indoor heat can affect your tresses and can lead to breakage and split ends. But don’t freak out as here are some steps, which you can include in your daily hair care routine until the sun starts burning bright again:
     1.     Oil treatment: Applying good quality oil like Strong & Nourished Hair oil to your hair, before you shampoo them, will protect your hair from drying out and will also serve as a conditioning treatment. You can also use a heating cap or dryer for a few minutes to deep condition your hair. This way the oil will get deep into the hair shaft.

     2.   Let your hair feel cozy: The best way to protect your hair and scalp from cold is to cover your hair with a hat. You can also go for a silk knit hat or can wear a silk scarf under a woolen hair, if you think direct contact with hat will spoil your hair.
     3.   Skip the shower: It is recommended to wash your hair less during winters to avoid brittle and dry hair. You should wash your hair maximum thrice a week with Safe Ayurvedic Hair Loss Therapy shampoo to get softer, lustrous and dense hair, which will be easy to manage during winter.

     4.   Let your fingers do the work: Send your comb for a short vacation during winter and use your fingers to detangle your hair. Finger combing minimizes the stress on your delicate tresses. Run your fingers through the wet hair and keep a check on tangles while pulling these tangles apart with the help of a little conditioner.

The above simple steps can make a huge difference to the quality of your hair during harsh weather conditions. A little planning and dedication can make your hair beat the cold weather conditions and look as good as ever.

Hair Grooming: The Golden Rules for Good Hair Care

The world may not be a perfect place but your hair can always be. Do you have a friend with long, shiny and perfectly groomed salon-worthy hair, always ready to attend any party or event? Wonder how?? Stop being envious of her and instead start following these simple tips that will make sure that you leave your home every day without spending a lot of time on styling your hair. These steps are sure to put an end on your bad hair days, irrespective of what your hair type is.
     1.     Wash your hair two to three times a week: How often do you wash your hair? If you wash your hair everyday then your hair is really in big trouble. The natural oils of your hair are there to guard your tresses, so when you shampoo your hair daily, it strips these vital oils away. The best way to keep your hair naturally healthy is to wash your hair twice or thrice in a week. Use Safe Ayurvedic Hair Loss Therapy shampoo to wash your hair. 

     2.   Consider your hair type and lifestyle choices: Yes, it is true that you should not wash your hair daily but how often should you wash your hair also depends on the type of hair you have. If you have curly hair then you can afford a long gap between two hair washes and if you have super straight hair then you will be able to manage only two days without washing your hair. 
     3.   Avoid heat styling: Did we hear that you cannot avoid heat styling completely? There is a solution. Use steam rollers on your hair as they are gentle and do not get too warm as they are only heated by the steam, which goes through the foam on the roller. But if you still want to use any heat tools (hot rollers, flat irons, blow dryers etc.) desperately to style your hair, then always use a heat protection spray.

Invest some time and groom your hair properly as good hair can change your personality completely and can also do a lot to your confidence. Take good care of your hair by using Strong & Nourished Hair oil and say goodbye to bad hair days.